The Staff

The office started with myself and 2 part time secretaries, Janet and Joan.  Joan has remained a constant face at the front desk for over 14 yrs.   Janet moved out of the area and a few others have come and gone until 2012 when Cindy joined the staff.

As the office grew Licensed Physical Therapy Assistances were needed.  Kylene joined the staff in 1998 as a new grad and our first assistant.  She left in 2003, but returned part time this past year after starting a family.  Melody signed on in 2000 and has remained as a PRN member while raising a family.  Ben came on board in 2001 as a new grad, left in 2007 for 14 months, but has now returned as the only full time PTA.  An old friend Connie joined the staff part time in 2009 as a PTA, Samantha in 2011 as a new grad PTA and Taylor has been helping PRN while working towards her PTA degree.  Barb joined the crew in 2007 as a PT aide / office staff to offer some stability in the growing practice and to care for Bella, but has now moved into the office full time as the practice manager.