Bike to Work Week


Bike to work week is the 2nd week of May and has been promoted since 2009 and on the surface is a great idea, but like many great ideas, they fall short in execution.  The roads, intersections and shoulders fall short of allowing safe commuting for most people and even experienced riders have difficulty.  I try commute at least 2 days/ week from spring to fall and have learned some simple tips for a safe commute.

1.  When ever possible use non vehicle routes such as the rails to trails, the less time spent on the roads at rush hour the better.

2.  When ever possible, ride north to south or west in the AM and east in the PM to limit sun glare due to sun rise and sun set.

3. Ride your route on a weekend first, making sure there are adequate shoulders, minimal intersections and limited blind corners.

4. Wear bright clothing and appropriate front and rear lights.  I found the more obnoxious the lights then better.

5. Drivers have the right of way…ALWAYS.  Assume this and it will help you to avoid angry drivers and misunderstandings.

Regarding the first 3 rules, even it following these extends your ride by a few miles or minutes, it is worth the extra time to remain safe.

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